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Panel Systems and Space Dividers

When we think about cubicles or dividers we always assume that all of them are "Panels" and yes all of them are panels in some way, but each category have some characteristics that make them different from each other, some of them will be named Space Dividers and other will be Panel Systems. Through this information, we would like to guide you in the solution that works best for you.

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Space Dividers (Versé Line)

They are a simple, effective, and effortless way to divide space or wrap a desk. The space divider system provides privacy when and where you need it.


Moveable, acoustical—at a very competitive price. A variety of widths and heights easily connect to one another to form privacy and space dividers.


Ranging from 24”-72” W and 42”-72” H.

1" thick, Tackable surface in trendy colors made with sound-absorbing material. Ask our representatives about the available colors and delivery time.

You can choose the frame paint and fabric material (special order items usually takes 4-6 week to deliver)

Installation Level: Easy

You can install them by yourself (warranty will be compromised) or you can request an installation service from us.

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Panel Divider (Solero Line)

The Solero Line gives you the best of both worlds, in one side you have a practical panel divider because this line has all the characteristics to be classified as a Space Divider but is thicker than the Versé Line.

The Solero line offers numerous sizes and configurations including freestanding and wall-mounted panels. These panels can be used to simply divide a room or to create a full cubicle. Whatever the demands of your space Solero helps you create more privacy and reduce noise at a great price.

Full Fabric from 24”-72” W and 42” & 66” H Glazed View through 24" -36" W and 66" H


  • 2¼" thick Aluminum frame construction provides outstanding strength and durability

  • Installation and reconfigurations are quick and easy with Solero's EZLOCK connection system

  • Can be configured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

  • Can be mounted to the wall or installed freestanding

  • Provides privacy and noise reduction


Available in:





Installation Level: Moderate

You can install them by yourself (warranty will be compromised) or you can request an installation service from us.

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Panel System (Prefix Line)

This brand (Maxon) will no longer be produced, the equivalent to Prefix is Accelerate by HON this line will be here soon!

The panel system is more robust, versatile, thicker, stackable, and with multiple fabrics styles and colors, and frame paint colors. Also, you can allocate power and Data cables inside.

As the most popular member of our systems offering, Prefix represents a distinguished place in our commitment to our future. Various panel heights can be used to maintain the privacy or encourage collaboration. Customize Prefix with sliding or lockable hinged door overheads to suit your privacy needs. Prefix gives you the confidence of a proven product line with the progression of a new office system. Light-weight and structurally solid.


Many offices desire collaboration and the ability to stay connected. Lower panels with added glass allow for natural light and interaction.
From call center activity, impromptu dialogues, private conversations, and open plan environments, Prefix provides just the right amount
of privacy. Connect stackers to your panels, choose your favorite work surface and add some personal storage to create an efficient and
attractive aesthetic that can accommodate all your privacy needs.


Prefix panels are 21/8" thick and can be configured in a variety of heights and fabric finishes. The ability to combine fabric base panels with
glass or fabric stackers allows for multiple heights, aesthetics, and reconfigure options. This provides the versatility needed for today's ever-changing office spaces.


Connector posts are available in straight, extended straight, 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, and 120° options, provide optimal versatility and
structural rigidity. Connect two stations or 10 depending upon your needs. Quick delivery and easy installation mean you're up and
working fast.


Worksurfaces are available with laminate to meet your budget and aesthetic needs. Prefix is manufactured in the USA and is covered
by Maxon's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Workstations made easier.

A variety of finish options to create a sophisticated look while lowering costs.

Various panel heights can be used to maintain the privacy or encourage collaboration. Customize Prefix with sliding or lockable hinged door overheads to suit your privacy needs. Coordinating overhead cabinets and shelves, freestanding pedestal and lateral files, bookcases, storage towers, and personal storage centers ensure the perfect solution for every storage need.


A wide selection of worksurface options
Laminate worksurfaces are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose from a broad selection of solid or woodgrain edge band trim options.

Half-Round Extensions allow for additional workspace and provide an excellent way for team members to collaborate.


Power and Data
Raceway panels have 4.25" tall raceways that allow you to route power and data to computers and other electrical components with ease.

Installation Level: Moderate to Hard

This system should be performed by qualified personnel only.

Electrical and Data_Power and Data.
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Wide sizes for monolithic Raceway and glass and fabric stacker 24', 30", 36", 42", 48", 60", 72" 

With Prefix you have multiple connectivity options

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Glass stacker available only in 15" and 30" High

Fabric Stacke available only in 15" High

Frameless Glass available only in 7" and 15" High


We highly recommend scheduling a measurement appointment in order to talk with one of our representatives about the best option for your office requirements, after that first interview we can elaborate the first draft with the real measurements of your office space.


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