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Brand-new Furniture

The right office furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it improves productivity at the workplace. We have close relationships with a complex network of suppliers, which allows us to offer the Columbia Basin's largest selection of office furniture.


Used, Scratched, and Dented Furniture

Buying used, scratch and dent furniture is a low-cost alternative to buying the new ones. We are specialists in buying gently used, scratch and dent furniture and passing on the savings to our customers. Many times the scratches and dents in the furniture are very small and are not noticeable. In addition, some of the furniture is barely used. This means that you would be able to buy the best furniture at a significantly low cost.


Get the Most Out of Our Discounts

We offer special purchases and regular discounts up to 35% on selected new merchandise. We also offer a 60% discount on blemished furniture. Our prices can't be beaten!


Quality New and Used Furniture in Pasco, WA

Get outstanding new, used, dented as well as blemished furniture from Husk Office Furniture & Supplies, Inc. Our furniture range and office supplies are of high quality and cost-effective.







Our company offers high-quality office supplies and furniture at competitive prices. We also offer delivery in the Tri-City Region. Call us now or speak to our representative to get timely and prompt delivery. Do not forget to ask about our Office Space Planning Service.

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Online Catalog

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