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High-Security Healthcare Cleaning Carts

They are ready for the toughest jobs!

The Husk Office Supplies & Furniture Inc. brings to you this line of distressed High-Security Healthcare Cleaning Carts, these are distressed items but almost like brand new, come to visit us and take a look on these excellent tools for cleaning. 


*The pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only, and they are not the pictures of the actual ITEM, also they may change without any further notice. They are distress items in good general conditions, but some of them could not be in the same conditions showing in the picture.

Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart RCP9T7500BK
Rubbermaid Housekeeping Cart RCP9T62BLA

What do the little stars mean?
Some of our products are marked as “DISTRESS”*
(Don’t worry this doesn’t mean there are some damsel in distress) this means that according to the number of the stars is the distress condition the items may have.

★★★★ Like Brand-New with minimum or non-visible distress
★★★☆ Light amount of scratches or beats
★★☆☆ Scratches and beats
★☆☆☆ Very scratched or beaten but still functional 


*There is no warranty on any distress or clearance marked item

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