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Seating Technology for Comfort

BAM Body-activated motion
Body-activated Motion (BAM) describes the dynamic ergonomic principals that the OM5 Series® of seating rides on.

Instead of relying on inconvenient manual adjustments that many chair occupants realistically rarely use (or worse: misuse), the OM5 Series® dynamically adapts to the user; reclining or pausing in immediate response to cues from the user’s own body.

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According to the ergonomists and chiropractors with whom we have consulted, when people are seated in a chair with a full, ‘normal’ backrest, the body has a natural tendency to hunch forward. This predilection towards ‘scrunching’ is — with near uniform agreement — recognized as an unhealthy position for the human body to remain in, especially when seen in prolonged seating situations.

DISCOVERY BACK DESIGN BENEFITS The special pear-back design of our Discovery Back series is designed specifically to address unhealthy seating postures. With a cut-away design to allow for full rearward travel of the scapula, DB chairs can help users who sit for long hours to develop habits for a healthier back. This is called scapular release.

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Om Seating Truly Series
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The TruFit™ Backrest System encompasses three unique features found in OM’s Truly.® Series:

BACK HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT High-end, exoskeleton task chair designs nearly always leave out an important ergonomic feature – an adjustable height backrest. OM’s Truly. features a generous 4.25” of travel range.

ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR Typical adjustable depth lumbar regions feature highly localized tightening of either an air bladder or a lumbar pad. OM’s Truly. features a lumbar region support that comes from the entire polyback progressively flexing; thereby providing a firm, but still comfortable feeling.

LIVELY "WORKING SUPPORT" Truly.’s backrest is a single, continuous polymer membrane that continuously flexes, yet offers great working support for your tasking needs.

Double Comfort Seating Technology
OM’s Double Comfort Seating™ (DCS) Technology is a unique layered system of self-conforming memory foam, combined with firmer OM high-resilience cushioning. Years of research and development have resulted in a seating experience that is at once soft and supportive, and truly beyond compare.

By combining German and Japanese process technologies and formulas for molding cushions, OM is able to create a medical-grade seat cushion that provides even more support than our standard high-resilience seat cushion. This additional support comes with the added benefit of a body-conforming seat which allows users to remain comfortably seated for longer periods of

The DCS™ Technology seat cushion has achieved excellent results when put through a series of ‘seating durability’ tests. The seat cushion will withstand the rigors of everyday stress and wear while remaining comfortable and supportive.

These are some chairs we have available in our showroom

OM Chairs AF584.jpg

Model: AF584

Mesh back

5300 Echo park

Seat Fabric 5205 Zeus
Arms JR39

Dual Tone UniversalSoft casters 5mm

Regular Price: $686.00


Fully upholstered and cushioned high-back

Flexible options ideal for task, executive, and conference environments
Contemporary, rectilinear design. Seat designed with extra waterfall curve and “sit-as-you-like” comfort

Om Chair TY608.jpg

Model: TY608 Truly Series

Seating Fabric 1020 Black
Poly Back Color: Lemongrass
Dual Tone Universal
Soft casters 5mm

Regular Price: $686.00


Truly. a unique design to fit any work, conference or executive environment
Patented, award-winning design offers a range of aesthetic and functional choices. Multiple ergonomic mechanisms, 3 seat sizes, and 6 different polyback colors to make Truly your best option.

Designed by: Francisco Romero of Phidesign

OM5-BEX Orange

Model: OM5-BEX

• Tall back

• Regular seat (with waterfall flex feature)

• OM5 series® body-activated motion

• Virtual pause/lock

• Polyflex with variable back resistance

Regular Price: $1,129.00